CMM Europe – A Day Together in Norway

CMM Europe – A Day Together in Norway

On the 11th of June, a small group of people from different places gathered in Tare, just outside Oslo, Norway. Some people knew CMM quite well. Others only a little bit, if anything at all. We wanted to explore how to embody the CMM Institute being a platform for personal growth as well as learning together and making community.  A day of being able to be “whole” with all the strengths and weaknesses within us, yet still be working on becoming better human beings and what that meant to us. Together, we made a space for expanding learning, which included everything from attending to intellectual itches, via creative activities, meditating together, walks in nature, wonderful conversations and healthy foods. We shaped an experience of the fullness of being ourselves as well as the fullness of a sense of community. All made in a mix of improvisation, trust and openness to what was emerging. A full body, mind and soul spa!

The CMM Europe community is already strengthened by the event. Our vision is to bring the energy and the stories of what we made to strengthen CMM Europe even more through the CMM Learning Exchange in Munich in September. We want to bring the depth of being with each other to our coming meetings with old and new friends. Support the focus on the depth of what we will be making together then.

We learnt that it is perfectly fine to be talking about CMM in clear terms without the fear of framing or being framed. If we do it as transparent as we did at Tare, we hope people new to our community will easier distinguish between cmm as method, community, individuals, research, and practice. Then it's maybe easier to choose whether to be CMM'ish, CMM and/or to take a communication perspective.


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