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Patterns of communication are simply structured, ongoing interactions. When two colleagues work together over a period of time, they establish habits in the way they communicate and interact; these habits form their pattern.

Patterns—unwanted or preferred—are made from specific episodes and the turns that give them their structure.


Hi everyone, anyone:
I need the Cronen, Pearce and Snavely 1979 article on URP's.  Does ANYONE OUT THERE have this article electronically, and could you email it to me please at  Arthur, my external reader suggested I use a similar structure of showing CMM models as they do in this article in my dissertation, and I am at that point of needing to write and finish Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 between now and mid October.  Please help. 


At the 2nd annual CMM Institute Learning Exchange we will come together as practitioners, researchers, learners and change agents to advance our collective understanding of what is possible through CMM. Institute Associates will bring insight, learning and questions from their own work, about how using CMM can help us create better social worlds.

2012 Learning Exchange


On July 19 at Fielding Graduate University’s Summer Session, our two 2013 CMM Fellows, Kazuma Matoba and Bart Buechner, presented their work.  Both presentations were inspiring and well received!   We are delighted to make their papers available here.


Fellows Program 2013/2014
A Partnership Among Villanova University, Fielding Graduate University, and the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution

Topic:  Using the “communication perspective” and CMM for
understanding our lives lived in new media.


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