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On July 19 at Fielding Graduate University’s Summer Session, our two 2013 CMM Fellows, Kazuma Matoba and Bart Buechner, presented their work.  Both presentations were inspiring and well received!   We are delighted to make their papers available here.


Fellows Program 2013/2014
A Partnership Among Villanova University, Fielding Graduate University, and the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution

Topic:  Using the “communication perspective” and CMM for
understanding our lives lived in new media.

Have you ever wanted to visit Berlin in the fall? Do you want to deepen your knowledge of and experience with intercultural communication? Would you find it interesting to explore some of the connections between CMM and "mind, brain, culture, and systems?"


Here is an interesting video that HBR posted about the "sociometric badge," a wearable electronic sensor that uses patterns of communication to measure a team's productivity.

Does anyone imagine innovations with this tool that could focus on the communication perspective in general and CMM in particular?


What CMM concept or heuristic to you use most often in your practice?


Please share a story of how you have used it.



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