2015 Summer Newsletter

2015 Summer Newsletter

Greetings to the CMM Community!  It is hard to believe that we are already into the second half of 2015.  We thought you might want to know some of what has been occurring during the first half of the year.  So grab a glass of wine, or a beverage of your choice, and enjoy reading some of the happenings within our community!

Articles from the 2015 Newsletter

Honoring and Celebrating the 2015 Fellows

CMM Community Members Practicing to become a Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO)

CMM Europe – A Day Together in Norway

Short Article on Practicing CMM Series: Co-creation, deliberate development, and practical application!

Updates about CosmoKidz

The Adler University Military Psychology Program - Considering “Cultural Competency” through the Communication Perspective

CMM Intensive at Fielding Graduate University Summer Session in Chicago: Mindfully Engaging the Heart with CMM – from the individual to the global, and back again!

Recent Publications

2015 Joint 2015 CMM Learning Exchange and FUGIC Forum

We realize that you have only read a portion of the wonderful work occurring around the world.  We invite you to share what you are doing with the CMM Community by ...  writing a blog, posting a workshop or seminar you are doing in our “events” section, uploading any articles or videos you want to share... or something else that hasn’t been mentioned but would be meaningful for you.  You can contact our webmaster, Holly Peterson at ehpeterson@gmail.com and she will be delighted to work with you.

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