February 2014

February 2014

Check out this great PowerPoint show from our good friend John Inman, used to counter the need for more communication in organizations.


Based on a post from Jesse on why we do not have a communication problem, I shared with him a short deck that I used to communicate the message this week to a group that we did not have a communication problem in organizations, we had a conversation problem. Just adding more and more of what we are already doing will not solve a thing. We need conversation.

The thing about shortcuts is that there are no short cuts to effective communication. Despite the prevalence of three-step processes to get difficult conversations right, listen better, persuade others, etc. it takes a deeper level of focus and effort to shift unwanted patterns of communication. However, re-making communication at work can have dramatic effects on individuals, teams, and organizations, for example:

Almost four hundred years ago the seminal philosophers John Locke and David Hume implicitly defined “communication” as a tool for the transmission of pure ideas, meaning ideas themselves are what matter, not the way they are expressed and exchanged. This perspective not only took hold, but it has survived until this day as the dominant way of defining communication.

Many have tried and just as many have failed. Well-meaning and highly skilled supervisors, trainers, executive coaches, management consultants, and human resources professionals have all accepted the challenge of “improving” communication within their teams.

We want to make some noise about CMM!

As part of our mission to be a connector and cultivator of all things-CMM, the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution is sponsoring a digital blitz to get exciting global conversations started about the power of communication to shape the world in which we live.

You are invited to help us set the digital world on fire! Over the next six weeks we will blog, tweet, and post comments to inspire thoughtful conversation and connection about CMM within the social media world.

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