October 2013

October 2013

Follow this link to a short comment on recursive communication showing how relationship influences how we communication and how our communication shapes (or makes) our relationships.

A truly remarkable group of people came together this weekend to participate in the second annual CMM Learning Exchange.  Click on the Photo to see more pictures from the weekend.

This past summer, the CMM Institute was invited to the Aspen Institute Communication conference to share CMM as theory and practice.  Jesse Sostrin, Beth Fisher Yoshida and Ilene Wasserman, all members of the Board of the CMM Institute teamed together to share the Coordinated Management of Meaning as a conceptual framework and a practical framework for consultation.

Patterns of communication are simply structured, ongoing interactions. When two colleagues work together over a period of time, they establish habits in the way they communicate and interact; these habits form their pattern.

Patterns—unwanted or preferred—are made from specific episodes and the turns that give them their structure.

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