August 2011

August 2011

Making Lives and Making Meaning: Reflective, Facilitative and Interpretative Practice of the Coordinated Management of Meaning is a collection of chapters by scholar-practitioners who are alumni of Fielding Graduate University. The book's intention was to showcase the next generation of CMM scholar-practitioners to engage others in working with CMM and to make it increasingly more accessible.

Presenters: Jesse Sostrin and Barnett Pearce Date: October 7-8, 2011 THIS WORKSHOP IS POSTPONED, STAY TUNED FOR FUTURE DATES Location: Asilomar Conference Grounds in scenic Monterey, California

Join presenters Barnett Pearce and Jesse Sostrin for a fast-moving, hands-on workshop designed for professionals who want to take advantage of CMM principles and tools in their work as consultants.

In this workshop, you will:

Hi Everybody, This has been a wonderful, free-ranging conversation in which lots of positions have been expressed. As it has gone one, I've begun to ask "what are we making here together?" This refocuses us from the content of what we are saying to the patterns of life that we are creating and living in while we are saying all of these things.

This was the original post that started a blaze of conversation...join back in on the new blog format!] You are receiving this because you belong to either or both of two groups that 1) I hold in great esteem and 2) have commitments relevant to the question in the subject-line above. In today's New York Times, Stanley Fish claimed that social constructionism has no political implications. I've attached a short (3 page) response, ending in an endorsement of my colleague Phillip Thomas' suggestion that we do more than we have in bringing the voice of our community into the public arena.

In December, I began thinking about what kind of gift I might give those who attended the Festschrift meeting, and -- one-eyed academic that I am -- I thought about writing a paper. Oh, well. Anyway, that put me in a thoughtful position, reflecting on what I have and have not accomplished, and I thought to write a paper about the "horizons" in my own vision.

Here is an excerpt from CMM Solutions - By Barnett Pearce, Jesse Sostrin and Kim Pearce. It may be useful for practitioners wanting to integrate CMM into their way of working with individuals and teams:

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